When I decided to start making raw jeans I knew nothing about the process. I had never used a sewing machine, made a pattern, or even threaded a needle. I was really inspired by the vintage industrial machines that I saw some other brands using to make jeans, so I started searching them out. I came across a woman in the country who had a garage-full of old industrial Singers, Union Specials, and other brands of machines for sale. Her retirement hobby was to clean and rebuild them. I loaded up my truck with all the machines, tables, and motors I could fit, then went home and learned how to use them. My first designs were cut on the kitchen table and sewn in the garage,  and although I thought they were pretty good at the time, I had a long way to go. Soon there was a tacking machine in the kitchen, an industrial buttonholer in the living room, and an attic workspace full of other machines. In 2018, I started working with Foundry in Gig Harbor, WA to create a collaboration jean and about six months later I moved my whole operation there. We soon started calling this space the Chet Workshop, which is where I make every pair of Chet jeans today.


-Zach Miller, Founder and Denim Maker


Chet Denim Founder Zach Miller at Chet Workshop