Legend of Chet

Sequim Bay, located on the Washington peninsula within the rain shadow of Hurricane Ridge—the banana belt of the Pacific Northwest—was home to the original Chet.

Miller Family at Sequim Bay

Look out at the bay and you’ll see his work, piles driven into the underwater earth, as he was the man who built the docks for residents and city.  He constructed his own cabin, then a house, then another, and again until his residences offered a summertime refuge for friends and their families. He flipped Sunday morning pancakes after service, and taught our dad how to water ski and spear fish in the brisk water of the northern pacific. 

Chet Denim is his homage.  A company founded on the common sense that quality is not a luxury good, but a necessity for living a purposeful existence.  If you’re going to build something useful, use the tool you need and get to work.

Chet Miller Photograph